The data set is based on the online system The system is available in Czech and English, most users are from Czech Republic (84 %) and Slovakia (11 %). The system uses adaptive algorithms for choosing questions, these algorithms are described in detail in [1] and [2].

This data set is static and captures users' interactions from 16 November 2015 to 03 January 2017. The application provides both free and premium content, but interactions with the premium content are excluded from the data set.

The basic statistics of the data set are as follows:


The dataset contains 1 CSV file (commas are used as delimiter) containing answers of users practicing location of anatomical structures. The whole data set with this readme file can be downloaded as ZIP archive.


Column Description
id answer identifier
user user's identifier
item_asked identifier of the asked term
term_name_asked name of the asked term
item_answered identifier of the answered term, empty if the user answered "I don't know"
term_name_answered name of the answered term
context_name name of the image (context)
type type of the answer: (t2d) find the given term on the image; (d2t) pick the name for the highlighted term
options number of options (the asked term included)
time datetime when the answer was inserted to the system
response_time how much time the answer took (measured in milliseconds)
ip_country country retrieved from the user’s IP address
ip_id meaningless identifier of the user’s IP address
lang language of the terminology (cs: Czech only, la (cs): Latin with some Czech, en: English only, la (en): Latin with some English
locations_asked location of the asked term on the human body (JSON)
systems_asked organ systems of the asked term (JSON)
locations_answered locations of the answered term on the human body (JSON)
systems_answered organ systems of the answered term (JSON)
practice_filter filter used by the user to practice (JSON)

Ethical and privacy considerations:

The used educational system is an open online system which can be used by anybody and details about individual users are not available. Users are identified only by their anonymous ID. Users can log into the system using their Google or Facebook accounts; but this login is used only for identifying the user within the system, it is not included in the data set. Unlogged users are tracked using web browser cookies. The system also logs IP address from which users access the system, the IP address is included in the data set in anonymized form. We separately encode the country of origin, which can be useful for analysis and its inclusion is not a privacy concern. The rest of the IP address is replaced by meaningless identifier to preserve privacy.

Terms of Use

The data set is available at


This data set is made available under Open Database License whose full text can be found at Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License whose text can be found